Five Signs You Need A New Heating System In Las Vegas

When a heating system stops working, many typical Las Vegas homeowners won’t easily be able to determine whether their heating system is still able to function. You will be left with 2 questions. Does it need to be repaired? Or do you need it to be replaced?


One thing’s for sure, you don’t want to spend a winter in fabulous Las Vegas with a broken heating system. Because while we might not see six inches of snow regularly, you still want to be comfortable during the cold winter nights.


Below are a few useful tips to help you decide whether it’s already high time for you to replace your heating system.

Your utility bills have become higher than usual

You will know if your heating system has gone less efficient if your utility bills have gone higher than normal. It may be possible that there are loose wires or dirty coils in your system. Whatever the reason, you need to get this looked at. You may need to have the efficiency rating assessed as well.

It would be best to get a professional who can do a thorough inspection.  They should be able to determine whether your system just needs a complete tune-up or it needs to be replaced completely.

The burner flame has turned yellow

For gas furnaces, you will know if it’s still functioning right if the flame is still blue. However, if you notice that the flame has already turned yellow, this just means one thing. This could be a serious indication of the presence of carbon monoxide.


As we all know, this compound is fatal in certain cases especially when it gets mixed in the air that you breathe. There are flu-like symptoms that you need to watch out for just in case, followed disorientation and very serious health problems if you keep breathing it in. Immediately call for medical help if anyone inside is feeling ill and you notice a yellow flame.

Your system produces strange noises

An example of strange noises would include but not be limited to: rattling, squealing, screeching, and banging noises. A smooth running system should not produce any of these strange sounds. These noises are indications that there is something wrong with the motor bearings or fan.


There may also be some trouble with the blower assembly or the motor itself. It could also be a problem with the fan or the compressor. These signs should already be enough to make a decision for replacement or to consult a professional on what the next step should be.

Your system is suddenly in need of constant repairs

If you feel like you’re getting your system repaired constantly, and that you’re always replacing its parts, then it maybe time to consider replacing the entire system altogether. With anything mechanical this is often a clear indicator that it is time to look for a replacement.


Remember that it does you more harm than good to keep an old system running. This is not only expensive, it is also very taxing to look for parts with older systems. This also simply means that like any other system, the life expectancy of your system has run out.

There are colds spots in your home

If you keep adjusting the thermostat to get the temperature that you want, but somehow do not get the desired warmth, then something may be wrong with your system. Possible causes may be a leak in the ducts or other common issues.

While a system that is struggling to warm period is always a sign that something is wrong, sometimes cold spots in the home occur and people do not fully pay attention to them. If you are experiencing rooms that are colder than others or parts of the building that are lacking heat, your system needs to be checked immediately.

Whether you’re only a new homeowner in the Las Vegas area, or you’ve lived here your entire life, it is best to know these signs. It is always smart to be prepared and aware of things to be on the lookout for around your home. Maintenance is important, especially if the health and comfort of your family can be effected.

Above everything else, consulting a professional HVAC technician from Johnny on the Spot will save you time and money. We will help pinpoint problems and areas of concern, then help you make educated decisions. To set up an appointment to schedule help in the Las Vegas and Henderson area, contact the trained staff at Johnny on the Spot or give us a call at (702) 930-8700.