July 16th, 2017

If you are a homeowner in Las Vegas and you’re looking to improve your home, you may want to take a look at your insulation. With poor insulation, more than half of your home’s heat can escape, forcing your HVAC to work more than it should!

Heating and cooling costs are usually one of the largest parts of your energy bills, accounting for around half of your total energy expenditures. Setting up good insulation may reduce that by around thirty percent.

  How Do You Know...
June 30th, 2017

A programmable thermostat is a valuable investment although you may not realize it. With a programmable thermostat, you’ll be able to control your home’s temperature at any hour on a certain day of your choice. Apart from that, it also has a great impact on your home energy efficiency. In order for you attain energy efficiency, you should update or upgrade to a programmable thermostat. Here are some reasons...

June 14th, 2017

Summer tends to get really hot especially in Las Vegas. It is the time that you make use of your cooling system to get rid of the heat. However, cooling your house doesn’t have to be expensive. There are smart yet efficient ways to save yourself from high energy bill while enjoying the comfort of a cool air surrounding your house.

Want to find out how? Check out below. 

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Using a programmable thermostat can help you save on...

June 1st, 2017

Humidity is a measurement of the dampness in the air. The moisture it contains varies in certain degrees depending on the temperature of the surroundings. Factors such as indoor humidity, perspiration, cooking, and much more can contribute to humidity.But what will happen to us if our house contains too much or too little humidity? Find out below. 

Absolute and Relative Humidity

There are two types of humidity: absolute humidity and relative humidity. What’s the difference of the two...

May 15th, 2017

The common notion that the bigger the size of an air conditioner the better is not entirely true. Purchasing a small unit may be insufficient if you have a large area to cool. Likewise, opting for something larger than what is necessary might cause harmful molds due to suspended moist in your house.

Picking the right size of air conditioner for your need or use does matter. Below are a few helpful guidelines to help you choose the appropriate AC size.

May 1st, 2017

Summer is just around the corner and because of that, you’re probably already daydreaming about the beach, planning pool parties, or researching popsicle recipes.

However, before you crank that air conditioner up, know that heating and cooling compose approximately half of most American energy bills, according to The Department of Energy. Since summer is the season where your air...

April 15th, 2017
Summer is almost here, but you shouldn’t wait for it to come before you get your AC checked. You need to make sure that your air conditioner is in good working condition,  ready for the stressful season ahead.    You definitely do not want to simply assume your HVAC systems are fine to have a serious problem occur the first week the temperatures reach triple digits. Below are five simple ways you can prepare your home and your air conditioner for the summer.    Have your system maintained and...
April 1st, 2017
The changing of the seasons is inevitable. This is something that we need to prepare for year in and year out. With these changes come adjustments in many aspects of our daily routines.  The change of seasons affects our body, which can then result in allergy issues, the common cold, and other illnesses.    Allergies should be taken seriously. These are caused by many things, and poor air quality is one of them. Excessively dry or humid air can affect your allergies. Dry air is the absence of...
March 20th, 2017
Annual HVAC system maintenance is often overlooked by home and proprietary owners. Because if your units are still working and your air conditioning unit is still blowing cool air, everything is okay, right? And if something happens or if it starts to struggle, you can just call a guy, right?   We have all procrastinated and brushed off things before. But when it comes to your air conditioning system and staying comfortable year-round in the Las Vegas area, it can be dangerous to ignore regular...
March 10th, 2017
The main function of your furnace filter is to remove dirty particles from the air stream thus keeping them out of your home. However, as your furnace filter removes these particles, it begins to have a build-up on the filter itself. Therefore, it is very important to change your filters on a monthly basis in order to maintain the stability of clean airflow in your home.   Paying Attention to Your Furnace Filters Your furnace filters keep the air inside your home clean. In addition, they also...